We and the faculty are once again totally committed to making
this learning experience engaging and stellar!

Course Description

In the rapidly evolving world of medicine, state-of-the-art practice requires updated knowledge of the specialties encompassed by internal medicine.  This intensive course will provide you with comprehensive, up-to-date, evidence-based therapeutic concepts that you will be able to implement into your daily practice.   It covers all major subspecialties, including:

  • Endocrinology
  • Hematology
  • Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Nephrology
  • Pulmonary Diseases
  • Rheumatology
  • Plus a number of keynotes, special symposia and workshops

Scores of attendees continue to comment on the excellence of this course and the fact that this is indeed the best medicine course they have ever attended!  “We don’t know how you do it, but this course gets better each year!”.  The excellent quality of the course can be attributed to the stellar contributions of our superb and senior faculty from one of the premier medical institutions in our country. Our faculty includes national and international authorities who have authored textbooks and definitive reviews, received prestigious teaching awards, and are amongst the most sought after speakers at national and international meetings and symposia.

Teaching will be primarily through lectures, special workshops, Ask the Expert sessions, panels and case discussions with a plethora of visual aids. In addition, each specialty will have a case-based session using an interactive wireless Audience Response System, so you can anonymously test your knowledge in the different areas of medicine and compare it with your peers.

The comprehensive syllabus will include a multitude of checklists and opportunities to make a “commitment to improve” in your practice. Participation in this course will be especially helpful if you are preparing for the internal medicine boards or recertification examination.

We hope that you will leave this course informed and inspired, with the skills to help your patients lead healthier and happier lives.

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Sanjiv Chopra, MD, MACP
Martin J. Abrahamson, MD, FACP
Mark L. Zeidel, MD

Meet The Directors

Martin J. Abrahamson, MD, FACP
Sanjiv Chopra, MD, MACP
Mark L. Zeidel, MD

You will take home:

  • An understanding of the clinically important advances that have recently been made in common diseases.
  • Recommendations for optimal management of many common diseases.
  • An awareness of areas of strength and weakness by participating in interactive computer-based sessions.
  • A complete and portable syllabus that includes patient checklists and other useful materials, which will allow you to review material at home.  A printed syllabus is always available.
  • An educational tool on a USB drive that contains chest x-rays, ECGs, peripheral smears, cutaneous lesions, liver and renal biopsies, and selected ocular, endocrine, rheumatological, and gastrointestinal abnormalities.